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Gift Options



Do you have gift cards?


Yes we do! Gift cards are emailed to the recipient as a code and PIN combination that the recipient uses when he or she shops at Hyperion online, Hyperion physical stores, Hyperion Style stores, or on Hyperion.com.


Virtual Gift Cards:


  • Are non-refundable.
  • Do not accrue GeekPoints.
  • May not be purchased using other gift cards.
  • May not be purchased using any discount or promotion code unless explicitly stated in the offer.
  • Can take up to one business day to process, so plan accordingly!
  • Do not expire. Note: Gift certificates purchased before 6/14/2016 expire five years after the purchase date (or longer depending on the state or country of purchase).


I want to give a gift card for $42, but that’s not available!


If you would like a gift card for an amount not listed, call Customer Service at call mary@hyperionstyle.com .


Do you offer physical gift cards?


We do, but they’re only available in our stores and Hyperion Style locations. If you purchase a gift card from us online, we offer a snazzy printable template that you can hand to your lucky gift recipient. Just make sure to write down the gift card ID and PIN before handing it off.


  Gift Card


Can I use a virtual gift card I bought here on Hyperion.com at the store?


Yes. Virtual gift cards bought at Hyperion.com can be used on our site as well as at Hyperion physical stores, Hyperion Style locations, and on Hyperion.com. Note: Gift Certificates bought at Hyperion.com prior to 6/14/2016 can only be used on Hyperion.com.




Can I send my order as a gift?


Absolutely! During checkout, you can enter a gift message that will appear on the packing slip. For U.S. shipments, our packing slips do not list the prices of the products, so you can rest easy that the recipient will not know what a great deal you got.


Please note that we are required by law to include prices on a commercial invoice for all deliveries outside of the U.S. Keep this in mind when sending gifts internationally. The recipient will also be responsible for any taxes, duties, and/or customs fees owed.


Most of our shipments come with our logo on the outside of the box, so remember that in case you’re planning a surprise.




Yes! Please see the Returns page for more information.




Do you offer a gift registry?


From the product page, you can add an item to your default wish list or to a brand new wish list. From your Account page, you can make your wish list searchable and drop subtle hints to your family and friends by sending them mail.




Do you offer gift wrapping?


Sorry, not at this time. We offered gift rapping for a brief period, but the customers asked us to stop.